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    The user’s dongle already acts as a repeater. The default configuration for any XBee module is to act as the coordinator, or in XCTU settings “Form network”. There can only be one coordinator per network and channel. Of course, there can be two networks on the same channel separated geographically and with also separate coordinators because they are not within reach of each other. Other XBee devices will act as Routers or “Join network” in XCTU, which means they are effectively repeaters but can also send and receive information.

    Above is an example of a simple ZigBee network.

    I do agree with securing funding for development in order to make this widespread, but to do that we need to be more than a single developer. Hopefully you want to join and become part of the team, and if we could grow it even more, that would be great. Do you have some ideas on how to grow the dev team?

    I also tried spreading the word on as many places as I could (/g/, /pol/, lainchan, reddit ham and ama subreddits), which did get somewhere, or else this forum would be empty. But if you can help me in further spreading this, I am sure you can do it even better since you are less biased than me about how great BeeChat is 🙂
    Regarding the YouTube channel, what kind of videos would be good to post on there in your opinion?

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    Sorry, I didn’t know that. I’ll understand the technical side better once my Bee dongles arrive (around May 5th) and I can start working on BeeChat myself.

    Of course I’m interested in being part of the team, I’m very interested in the potential of BeeChat, I think it is something very important to give people the option of having in the 21st century. As far as growing the team, I think media pages would be a good start. Twitter, Instagram, reddit, Facebook, YouTube. Instagram and Twitter especially, there are lots of active tech-related pages that could share our posts and grow the awareness of BeeChat. I’m happy to help set up and manage the pages if you’re too busy.

    On YouTube, I think videos describing the concept of BeeChat, what it is, simple set-up tutorials, giving use-case examples of why it’s important and the types of people it can help. Of course, this content will be easier to create once we have something significant to show (like the ideas we’ve been discussing).

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    Great to hear. Growing the team is vital to making BeeChat have a large impact. I’m not a great programmer, but I have a vision, the more people we are in the team the better.

    In relation to social media, so far we have:
    I agree with using Instagram and Facebook as well. I’m sure we can find creative ways to spread the word on chans as well, where there are tons of devs that would be interested.

    I’m more than willing on making you a mod/admin but would like to get to know you first, it would be good to have a chat about this over voice call. Feel free to send me a message on TOX, here is my tox ID:
    6396D9BD34786DC8319B2012141A26966A725A41C9E4D07BF77F53CDCC670B5754EE4F5E9100 (download link in case you don’t have tox)

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