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    Hi there everyone. This topic is to discuss the design of the optimum dongle design, to move away from the simple, yet complex Sparkfun dongle. To make BeeChat work we need to make it as simple and easy as possible to generate momentum on several fronts:

    1) Development: the more developers the more secure, fast and useful BeeChat will become.
    2) User growth: the main idea behind BeeChat is it gives power back to the people through a mesh net, and away from telecoms conglomerates.

    For this reason we need to design an optimum dongle for XBee modules, with the cheapest components and in an open source nature.

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    Any resources regarding the hardware involved for the dongle? I have networking and programming experience but not much hardware/electronics/radio experience.

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    Personally, I have little experience with electronics also. However the main part we should aim to make into open hardware are the XBee modules themselves. we should aim to create our own version of XBee modules specifically designed for BeeChat. That way, we can fine tune the routing methods to our needs, and remove unnecessary bloat that might be present. One possibility would even be creating the design, and convincing Digi International to produce it, this would have benefits for all parties (BeeChat users and Digi International):

    • For BeeChat Users: we now have a dedicated hardware platform that can be made specifically to our needs.
    • For Digi International: they get the benefit of manufacturing BeeChat XBees in high quantity, and with a renewed interest in their products they increase their revenue.

    Just as Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin with incentives for companies/organizations/individuals to do useful work for the system, we must do the same.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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