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    Just thought I’d start a thread for everyone to introduce themselves

    Hiya, I’m Sky, or the AusAnon from pol/thread/250825067
    I’ve played around with HAM a bit, but don’t get on it much. Callsign’s VK1F-SKI for the curious.
    I think this project is what I was always looking for with HAM, but never really solved how to do.
    I mostly play around with cars in my spare time, but am also pretty apt with computers.
    I use UNIX and LINUX near exclusively, spare some legacy tools here and there that I virtualise.
    I know a bit of C and 6502 (guilty pleasure). I know it seems like I’m a dinosaur, just pretend I’m some hipster instead.
    I’ve got toolboxes full of every stupid little obscure module on the planet, and I absolutely love the Intel Edison for being the cutest, dumbest little module on earth. Since it was discontinued I’ve been hoarding them more than boomers are hoarding toilet paper.
    Not because it’s useful, or even comparable in functionality to a $7 Pi Zero W, but just because it’s cute.
    I’ll try not to suggest too many things just because I think they’re cute, but no promises.
    (But considering that virtually everything I treasure, from my cars to my computers to the languages I know are all “small”, no promises)
    I admire simplicity and modularity, so that’s something.
    Time to order some modules and get testing!

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    Hi there Sky. I am very glad to hear you are this excited about this project as well. It’s great to have you on board.

    I’m not really sure how I should introduce myself. I want to remain as anonymous as possible at least until the first version is released.
    I came up with this idea a long time ago, and developed it in the last three months into something actually usable that worth sharing with others. I’ve heard a lot of people mention this is illegal because it’s encrypted radio, but it’s not that simple.

    The entire point of using ZigBee is to use an IoT standard that is legal to purchase and use, and where encryption is not only allowed, but recommended to be used for security. This is due to the fact ZigBee has been classically used to control smart home devices. Anyway, I am very happy more people seem to be agreeing this is not a completely stupid idea, and even ham operators such as Sky are here. As for my skills, I’m not a great programmer at all, but I am flexible and I can adapt to different tools.

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    I’m just some rando that happens to already have a couple of Xbees lying around. I thought this would be a fun project to get working and use as private communication with friends. Currently troubleshooting getting the software to recognize my xbee.

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    That’s great to hear, GoldenGrenadier, please post a new topic if you are having some problems.

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    Hello. I’m interested in the cryptocurrency aspect of this.

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    Hello I am Rik, I am coming from paperchan/RikChan . I am here to help and stuff, kinda sad that code is written in Java, but Ig wouldnt hurt to try something new

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    Hi guys, I’m Robert, I saw the /pol/ thread last month, I’ve been busy with college so I’m only now getting the chance to sit down and get involved. Is 3iWEvuKEag – Keymaster the only developer, or is BeeChat a team of people?

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    From what I know, yes, right now I’m the only developer. But I am looking for more people to join me and grow the development of this project.

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    Hello gamers,

    I’m from /pol/ as well. Not gonna be surprising that I’m interested in GNU/Linux, libre software, decentralization, IoT/Home automation, mesh networks, etc. Working towards my CCNA while also doing other related stuff. I’m mostly a lurker unless there’s something I can actively contribute. So I’ll post again when I have something interesting.

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    Glad you joined us here. It’s easier to have proper conversations here. There’s a new “Development progress” tab on the website that details the features we are working on next. We also have specific things that need done, so message if you’re interested in getting your hands dirty.

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