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Elerium Tag User Guide

Table of Contents


Verify an Elerium NFC Tag with Elerium App

Ensuring the authenticity of your Elerium tag is effortless using the Elerium App available for both iOS and Android devices. This process leverages a secure challenge-response protocol to verify the public key hash stored in your tag.

  1. Download the Elerium App:
  2. Starting the Verification:
    • Launch the Elerium App and position your smartphone on the Elerium NFC tag.
    • Tap the VERIFY TAG button without moving your phone away from the tag.
  3. Verification Process:
    • Patience is key! Ensure your phone remains on the tag throughout the verification cycle.
    • Upon completion, a unique code (hash of the public key) will be displayed on your screen, confirming the tag’s authenticity.

Note: Ensure your device’s NFC functionality is enabled and the tag is free from obstructions to ensure optimal communication during verification.

Security Protocols for Verification

The Elerium tag hosts a post-quantum Dilithium private key, with its public key hash serving as the unique code displayed post-verification, affirming the tag’s genuineness through our staunch challenge-response protocol. This secure method ensures that your tag’s information is validated without compromise.

Sharing the Verification Status

Once verified, the unique code can be copied by tapping on the code or saved as per your requirements.

Troubleshooting Verification Issues

Encountering difficulties during verification? Ensure:

  • Your smartphone’s NFC is activated.
  • The Elerium tag is in close proximity and unobstructed (some phone cases may interfere with NFC signals).
  • The Elerium app has requisite permissions.
  • Try turning on Airplane mode, as Cellular (3G/4G/5G) may interfere with NFC signals.
  • Still experiencing issues? Visit our Support Page or contact our help desk for further assistance.


FAQs and Support

Your queries and concerns regarding the Elerium tag and app can be addressed in our comprehensive FAQ section, providing insights into common queries and troubleshooting steps. For additional insights or inquiries, our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you. Explore seamless assistance and find the answers you seek by utilizing our contact form below.

Note: Features and specifications are subject to change. Keep your app updated to enjoy uninterrupted services and new features.