We believe that decentralisation is the enabler of privacy, which is the key to freedom of thought.

The Beechat Network is a secure, transparent, and quantum-proof radio network that is owned by the users and powered by renewable energy.

Offline Networking

With Beechat you can send files, text and interconnect IoT devices in your vicinity without the Internet. When the Internet is not available, Beechat is. We provide custom solutions adaptable to a diverse range of different applications.

Post-Quantum Encryption

PQC Encryption is at the core of Beechat. Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal, Beechat uses Post-Quantum Encryption, making your messages invulnerable to Quantum Computer attacks such as Shor's Algorithm.

Mesh Network

The Beechat Network leverages the fastest, lowest power consumption and longest range technology for mesh communications available today. If two devices are too far apart from each other, other devices can act as bridges to connect the two, without being able to read the content of the message itself.

Cross Platform

Since the core software is written on OpenJDK, it can run on most platforms. As of right now, it can run on Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. The team is working diligently to bring the software to all platforms.​

No Registration

Accounts are created on your device through Private-Public keypairs, allowing you to create a new account instantly. This means that Beechat is giving you the maximum freedom possible since no entity can track your actions.


The network operates on the public bandwidth frequencies, making it is completely legal to use in the US, EU, and most countries without a radio licence.

Technology Applications

Secure Communications

Whether you are an individual, government, or corporation, Beechat is the most advanced radio-cryptographic messaging available. With its unhackable encryption, and an easy implementation into your systems, it is the ideal solution for your private communications.

Emergency Situations

After natural disasters, such as earthquakes or wildfires, communication is a vital part to save lives. The Beechat system supports rescue teams, firefighters, or also secluded people waiting for help in critical situations. With the Buzz Beacon, rescuers can save people.


To explore places where no human has ever settled, communication without the infrastructure as we know it is impossible. In extreme weather conditions and remote areas of the planet, researchers can rely on data transmission and communication with Beechat.

Transport and Logistics

Our system revolutionises coordination of ETAs, arrival, departure, or even fuel request data procedures in a secure and easy way. Beechat systems allow for this data to be shared seamlessly, while offering a secure messaging system and logistics for air and sea ports.


With almost 3000 operational satellites orbiting around Earth and ambitious plans to increase this number, intra-satellite communication is more important than ever. Beechat could become a standard of communication in space. in manned and unmanned missions.


Whether you are skiing high up in the mountains, live an off-grid life deep in the forest or don’t want to risk getting off-track when hiking, there are endless opportunities to use Beechat on your adventures. Never stay out of touch from your friends, family and safety.

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About The Beechat Network Project

Founded in 2020 at the start of the new decade, the Beechat Network project marks the beginning of the future for post-quantum decentralized communications. As an open-source system,  it allows peer-to-peer encrypted wireless communication.

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