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Beechat is the world's first
quantum-proof mesh network.

Our mission is to give hundreds of millions of people access to an unhackable, private, revolutionary worldwide network that is owned by the people.

Self-sovereign identities

When you register on Beechat, you create a public-private key pair on your device. This key pair becomes your Beechat account. You have complete control over it, this means censorship is impossible and freedom of speech is guaranteed by design.

Distributed network

Beechat is a fully distributed mesh network, meaning every user is completely independent, yet connected to every other user. The network is self-healing, and every node has the same rights on the network. No one entity controls the network.

Off-grid communications

Beechat is first and foremost using radio technology, which means the core app functions without the Internet, using radio waves instead. Beechat uses Internet over the private Lokinet onion router to link different radio regions with each other.

A paradigm shift in decentralised technology

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What we stand for

Freedom of speech

We believe everyone has the unalienable right to voice their opinions.

Freedom of privacy

We believe everyone has the unalienable right to having private and confidential conversations.

Freedom of choice

We believe everyone has the unalienable right to choose whether what they are saying remains private, or public, forever.

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Current features

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Hardware to access the Beechat Network

Radio hardware platforms

Jupiter Radio

Radio component, for use in USA, Canada, Australia
£ 179
  • Compatible with Android smartphones
  • 900 MHz, 1000 milliwatt power
  • Cable included

Venus Radio

Radio component, for use in Europe and UK
£ 95
  • Compatible with Android smartphones
  • 868 MHz, 25 milliwatt power
  • Cable included

Electronics enclosures

Winged enclosure

Weather-proof case with adaptable arms for the radio
£ 29
  • Adjustable arms
  • Outdoor use
  • Ergonomic design

Leather case

Tell us your phone model, and we will create a handmade leather case for you
£ 85
  • Long lasting, high quality Italian leather
  • Outdoor use
  • Ergonomic design

Radio antennas

Small Antenna

Small sized antenna that fits inside the Enclosure
£ 9
  • Very small, fits inside the enclosures
  • 69% efficiency

Large Antenna

External antenna that provides an extended range
£ 12
  • Weatherproof antenna with extended range
  • 84% efficiency

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