We believe in a world where we do not have to subscribe, sign up, or register to communicate with whoever we want.

BeeChat is open source software allowing peer-to-peer wireless communication in an encrypted manner without the Internet.

No SIM cards, no Internet required.
No shady tracking.
We all fully own the system, this way, no one can destroy it.

If you want to send a message to someone outside your range, people in between you two can act as a bridge, without ever knowing the contents of the message thanks to encryption.

Offline Chat

With BeeChat you can send pictures, files and text to other devices in your vicinity without the Internet. Just imagine the Internet going out during any event and you can't get in touch with those you care about. With BeeChat, you can.

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Encrypted by Default

Encryption is at the core of BeeChat. It has the fastest, most secure encryption algorithm of any chat app. Unlike Telegram or Signal, the messages are never stored on any server before being sent to the recipient. There is no central authority that can ban a message or user.

How BeeChat's Encryption works

Mesh Network

BeeChat Network is based on the ZigBee standard. If two devices are too far apart from each other, other devices can act as bridges to connect the two, without being able to read the content of the message itself.

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Cross Platform

Since the software is written on OpenJDK, it can run on most platforms. As of right now, it can run on Linux, Windows & Mac. The team is working diligently to bring the software to all platforms.

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Since the system operates on the same frequency as Wi-Fi, it is completely legal to use in the US, EU, and most countries. Luckily, since it operates on different channels than Wi-Fi, BeeChat won't jam your router's signal.



The hardware is based on three parts: the dongle, the radio, and the antenna. Due to the modularity you can easily pick and choose the one that fits for you.

Parts List

Cheap and Reliable
For less than $50 you can order the parts and start chatting straight away. Whenever, wherever.