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Secure your future with unrivalled protection

Post-quantum encrypted IoT technologies for today and the future

Post-quantum cryptography

Our encryption solutions are specifically designed to stand strong even against quantum computational threats, ensuring your data remains secure in the evolving digital landscape.

Peer-to-peer technologies

By utilising Beechat's peer-to-peer technologies, clients benefit from reduced server costs and enhanced security. We're fostering stronger and more secure connections, putting you in control of your data, always.

Seamless integrations

Simplicity meets efficiency with Beechat's seamless integrations. Our technologies effortlessly fit into your existing systems, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity. With Beechat, it's about smart solutions that work for you.

"We have been using the Elerium NFC system as an essential part of our enterprise-grade blockchain platform. It is easy to integrate and very reliable, and our clients love it."

Mike Sotirakos, CEO of XRP Studio


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Our solutions

Elerium NFC tag

On-Chip Post-quantum digital signature NFC tag
  • Post-quantum cryptography
  • +15 mm range
  • 40 year memory lifespan
  • Cloning protection, Read Out Protection, TRNG security chip
  • Seamless integration into your apps
  • Applications: Asset authentication, Art verification, NFTs, 2FA security, Cold wallets, Access control, and more

BZ1 mesh radio module

Post-quantum, full duplex long range mesh radios
  • 433, 868, 900 MHz frequency bands, up to 5W output
  • 128-hop mesh topology
  • 2×2 MIMO operation, allowing for high bit rate and good sensitivity
  • Serial and USB versions available
  • ATAK and Ardupilot compatible
  • Applications: drones, satellites, telecommunications, mesh networks, and more

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